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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Do you like Intimidation, bullying and dishonesty?

Unfortunately, the truth is that our group has come together through constantly having to be fobbed off and made to feel it was our fault but the development was all a big scam and through our money, the funding they received,  a substantial amount of money was raised, so where is it all now and why couldn't some of the investors complete their purchases?   We came together to support each other, help each other and exchange information to build a case against Tecnicil as they have continually treated people in a way that can only be described as dishonourable.

With the backing of the banks, legal system,  and various other connections they have managed to duck and dive, but are only creating a reputation where in the future they may wish they had treated the people who trusted them and were ensured of their competence, a lot better.

Our group are making progress in the battle to end this process which has been the biggest mistakes of most of our lives.   Believe that is all we want - closure and an end to all this.

We can only as a group of many people who have invested in Cape Verde reiterate to future investors that when it goes wrong it goes very wrong and the years you will waste trying to get your own money back is just not worth the risk.

The Resident General Manager of Banco Espirito Santo even stated in writing to Tecnicil on 7 August 2009:

"We believe that this additional support will ensure that this prestigious development in Cape Verde can be successfully completed".

The resort was successfully completed, but now not owned by Tecnicil who are supposedly bankrupt, but they are still communicating in a not very polite way so our message is:

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