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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Speak to the Hand Attitude - No Response!

Investor writes a letter as the High Courts are not making decisions and dragging their heals to summarise:

Top Three Requests from Investors at Vila Verde Resort, Sal

1) Tecnicil to refund all money paid and honour the contract in full with no legal skulduggery; or
2) Novo Banco and Caixa to refund all money (if Tecnicil fail) and honour the contract with no legal skulduggery; or
3) If Tecnicil and Novo Banco fail to compensate investors then the Cape Verde government must intervene. 

With regard to the above three requests, the letter sent to Tecnicil, Novo Banco and the Cape Verdean Government went into more detail and was backed up with very damning evidence.


So together with the substantial loans from bank and the €3,500,000 from just our group of investors alone and we think there are probably another 300 investors of Tecnicil who have just written the money off as they know it is impossible to get back through the legal system, so Tecnicil seem to have done very well, or someone has.......

The letters, not surprisingly, have not been responded to.  Not one.


The Mission statement of Cape Verde Investmentos
 Cape Verde Investments is the government investment promotion agency and export, and whose purpose is the promotion of conditions conducive to the realization of projects of national and foreign investment, the promotion of the Cape Verde Islands as a tourist destination and the promotion of exports of goods and services of Cape Verdean origin.
The following link is supportive of our request:-

So maybe someone will realise out in Cape Verde that to build dreams you don't shatter dreams - PEACE AND LOVE

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