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Thursday, 8 September 2016

CAPE VERDE BREAKING NEWS - and it's not Good!

As a group of British investors, who have paid for Villa Verde in Cape Verde to be built and lost all of our money, we have not just invested money.  The time, the stress, the failed negotiations have now gone on and on for years.  Until recently.  Many of us have written letters to Tecnicil (the developer), the Lawyers, the Governing bodies, the Government officials, our own MPs and even MEPs as apparently we do have rights under EU laws.  

Most letters and emails have gone unanswered until recently when we received an invite for our Group Leader to have a meeting.  Here is the letter:


As you know, over the past year Cape Verde has implemented successive strategies Growth and Poverty Reduction (PRSP).
The MFP is assessing (final evaluation) the Strategy Paper for Growth and Reduction of Poverty with the ultimate goal of obtaining inputs for formulating a new Country Strategy Paper (2017-2020).

The law requires that the final evaluation of the GPRSP is guaranteed by an external and independent entity.

Simultaneously with this evaluation exercise, the National Planning Department (DNP) of the Ministry of Finance is to produce and compile multiple documents (conceptual document, terms of reference, script, etc.) and to carry out initiatives (preparation of a advisory forum) to the start-up phase of the development of the new strategy.

It aims to assessment, analytical basis to guide the new strategic document that is being made through the identification of key constraints and potential solutions. The expectation is that this exercise is comprehensive, so as to bring different perspectives from the public and private sectors, civil society groups, NGOs, religious congregations, etc.

For the final evaluation, it is on the ground a team made up of five experts, four (4) international experts and one (1) national expert. This evaluation exercise has the financial support of the European Union Delegation, and is supervised by the DNP.

So we came this way ask for your availability, or team delegate to a working meeting with Dr. Morais Elsa, Head of the expert team on 5 September at 10:00, and if possible, give you enough time for a friendly and frank conversation in order to have important inputs to give a robust assessment and thus make the next document. If the date and time are not the convenience of CV INVEST we are open to a your proposal.

Move your name known the wealth of knowledge that has about Cape Verde and your own experience public, private and professional and also citizen concerned with the development of this country.

We appreciate the understanding and attention you give to the subject.

Best regards, 
Jacqueline Borges Ramos

So we thought maybe, at last they were going to address this situation in the best interests of their country in order to stop any more publicity so they can build their tourism and trade with Foreign countries.  We were horribly wrong.

We have now received a letter stating that  the contact in the Cape Verde Government that wanted a meeting had mistaken us for Cabo Verde Investmentivos, a department of her own government, which incidently has been replaced by a new department called Cabo Trade Invest with a new set of directors, so it looks like all our hard work has been fruitless and we will now have to start all over again.  The contact in the Cape Verde Government is now not responding to emails asking for an investors meeting.  Maybe a little embarrassed???

Here are the new Cabo Trade Invest Directors who we will now try to contact.   

Let's hope these people will be capable of replying to emails that are now being drafted to arrange a meeting or telephone discussion to try and bring this matter to an end and get the money back that us investors are entitled to.  Remember, we handed over all of our hard earned cash for an apartment and were supporting an African country to help them out of poverty.  They stole our money and delivered nothing to us and the apartments are now being sold on by various agents or being rented out for holidays by Aqua Hotels via many online holiday websites.

Corruption will not make people come to your country.  People from all over the world invest in the UK as they know it is one of the most secure places in the world to invest.  So, Cape Verde, follow our lead and your country will prosper - rip people off and your country will earn itself a bad reputation where people will no longer want to visit or invest in!

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