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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Villa Verde was Funded by Banks who refuse to negotiate

We know and have proof (letter above) that Villa Verde was funded by Banco Espirito Santo to complete the resort.   With all the investors money and the banks money, plus EU money it is very difficult to understand how they have gone into liquidation even though the resort is now owned by another Aqua Hotels and trading.  All this changing of companies shouldn't mean they can continue and leave the mess they have created behind and a way to ignore all the people they have robbed.

Contractually, we were entitled to get our money back as they failed to complete in time and the work was less than adequate.  They have not adhered to the contract and I don't know whether I, along with many others will ever get our life savings returned.  13 years later that's also a lot of interest accrued which should also be taken into account, but investors aren't trying to get more money out of them we're just trying to get back what we paid.

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