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Monday, 17 October 2016

Amado & Medino

A group of people who invested in Cape Verde have been contacted this week by Amado & Medino Lawyers from Cape Verde.  Thinking that after many years of litigation there would finally be some good news, unfortunately it was only to say that they would not be continuing with their case.

It then transpired that they represent Tecnicil the developer that the clients are in litigation with.

Is that a Conflict of Interest?  In the UK it certainly would be.  In Cape Verde it's not.

Some clients have handed over £1000's and will not get any money back even though they have not received anything for their money.  In fact, they have done very little and just dragged it out.

Some of the group are travelling to Cape Verde to hold them to account, but if it's anything like previous experience, when they arrive at their very plush offices (paid for with Investor's money) they will probably be unavailable to speak.  It's happened many times before.

No one is helping the British people involved in this situation.

They have cancelled the litigation so the resort can now continue to rent and sell the properties, but as the Investors are still in possession of the Promissory Contracts they should not be able to do this.

Unfortunately, this is Cape Verde we are dealing with and it seems they are a law upon themselves and don't follow any rules or regulations.  We learnt that when our contracts were cancelled on Force Majeure reasons, because they were late on completing.

The EU signed a deal with Cape Verde and should be taking this matter up, but to date no one is dealing with this situation and people are just left in limber - £1000's of pounds out of pocket.  

Now that the law firms have cancelled the litigation, the new Company Aqua Hotels will be able to do business.  Investors are planning to go throughout the year with all the unit numbers of people who have been ripped off.  If any of the units are rented out or put up for sale, they will sue Aqua Hotels as they have been notified that this issue has not been dealt with legally, professionally or justly.

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