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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Another Advice Website to Avoid

Following Amado & Medina's emails to several Investor's yesterday cancelling their representation against Tecnicil, Cape Verde Scam Blog discovered a website today and would like to make people aware to avoid their advice and be cautious as there is no contact address, telephone number or social media contacts to verify whether it is a legitimate site or just another set up to extort money out of British people under the guise of a address.

Why do I think it is a fraud?  Firstly, the list of lawyers to contact have all shown themselves to be completely incompetent of being able to sue Tecnicil on behalf of Investors (their clients).  Many of us have used all, some or at least one of them and they have all taken our money and then given up as Tecnicil seem to be one step ahead with ways out of admitting fault.   Secondly, on the website under the heading Cape Verde Tips there is a subheading called Force Majeure, which is about the most informative part of the whole Website if you can read between the lines.  It states:

"If your contract has a clause on 'force majeure' it will be for actions that occur behind the developers control  This means that in these cases they can't be held liable for delays.  This is and does happen check out your contract."

My advice would be if you see Force Majeure on a Cape Verdean contract avoid investing at all costs as it will cost you everything, because they will use this clause to cancel your contract and you will have no way to negotiate, get a refund or rectify any problems.  It is the perfect 'get out' clause in favour of the developers.   There has been no fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster), war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (regardless of whether war is declared), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, terrorist activities, nationalisation, government sanction, blockage, embargo, labor dispute, strike, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity or telephone service, but Tecnicil cancelled all of our contracts under Force Majeure.

One Investor paid Amado & Medino €7,000 and has received nothing in return.  Amado & Medino will not refund the €7,000 so not only have they lost the money on the property, but they have also handed over more money and are being asked for more money for a 3rd Party Arbiter to continue - confusing?  Very!!!!  

The list of lawyers all of whom have taken money from people and been just as impossible to contact as Tecnicil are listed below and have done absolutely nothing to help people.  If you do avoid all of these you do not have many other options as you need a lawyer who speaks English, but understands Cape Verde which operates in Portuguese Law.  These lawyers are hard to find and few and far between which will probably end you up with one of these listed and we know from experience - you will lose all of your money from the investment and these rogues will take advantage and take more money from you and are in partnership with the developers.  By the way, Neville de Rougemont & Associados were actually based in Tecnicil's offices!!!!  Dias Perera underneath their offices and Amado & Medino have proved to be uncooperative and have just yesterday cancelled their services.  Be warned, do not invest in Cape Verde!  So the lawyers not to use are:

Neville de Rougemont & Associados : 

Amado & Medina :

Sal: Rua 3 de Agosto, nÂș 3 Espargos, Ilha do Sal
Emai Address: amadomedina.advogadas1 @

Others are listed, but personally I have no evidence to substantiate my claims so I will not add to this post.

At the bottom of this list you will notice they state:

However, please do your own research on Lawyers. Speak to people who have used these and other Lawyers.

Well you now have the truth and will not need to speak to people you may not know where to find - the information is here and it is fact!

The site is if you want to check it out - notice the bit about Cheryl Baker has been taken off - she obviously no longer wants to endorse Cape Verde Investing as she also had a nightmare with Tecnicil, but is hopeful it will all come good in the end.  I hope it does, but I'm not so sure..........

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