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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Is the European State funding Islamic State?

So today I have written to all the MEP's who are paid by European Taxpayers to see whether they are representing us or the rest of the world and forgetting about us and just using our money.  I look forward to their responses as we have exhausted all avenues of rectifying our problem legally, so we are now asking for the issue to be rectified diplomatically.  I will update on all responses, if I get any!!!!

John Stuart Agnew, Tim Aker, Lucy Anderson, Martina Anderson, Jonathan Arnott, Richard Ashworth, Janice Atkinson, Amjad Bashir, Gerard Batten, Catherine Bearder, Lousie Bours, Paul Brannen, David Campbell Bannerman, Matt Carthy, James Carver, Nessa Childers, Deirdre Clune, David Coburn, Jane Collins, Richard Corbett, Brian Crowley, Daniel Dalton, Seb Dance, William Dartmouth, Nirj Deva, Anneliese Dodds, Ian Duncan, Jill Evans, Nigel Farage, Raymond Finch, Luke Flanagan, Vicky Ford, Jacqueline Foster, Ashley Fox, Nathan Gill, Neena Gill, Julie Girling, Theresa Griffin, Daniel Hannan, Marian Harkin, Roger Heimer, Mary Honeyball, Roger Helmer, Mike Hookem, Richard Howitt, Ian hudghton, Diane James, Syed Karali, Sjad Karim, Sean Kelly, Afzal Khan, Jude Kirton-darling, Jean Lambert, Andrew Lewer, Linda Mcanan, Emma Mcclarkin, Mired McGuinness, Anthea McIntyre, David Martin, Clare Moody, Claude More as, James Nicholson, Liadh Niriada, Paul Nutgall, Patrick Oflynn, Margot Parker, Julia Reid, Molly Scottcato, J. Seymour, Alyn Smith, Catherine Stihler, Kay Swinburne, Charles Tannock, Keith Taylor, Geoffrey Vanorden, Julie Ward, Glenis Willmott, Steven Woolfe.

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