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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Judicial System of Cape Verde

Lawyers turn their back on Judicial System of Cape Verde and Investors who have lost all their money are left out of pocket again with no where else to turn!


This morning (11 October 2016) this letter was received:


Reporting to the legal conflict between you and Tecnicil (which focus mainly on the failure and subsequent resolution of the promissory contract of purchase and sell of property in the tourist complex Vila Verde Resort, located on Sal Island, Cape Verde) , and which is awaiting resolution of an Ad Hoc Arbitral Court, 
We hereby inform as follows:
As you are aware, several years ago we embraced the legal representation of your cause and, as a result, we have been carrying out our best services for the rapid resolution of the case.
Initially, they were triggered several contacts with the company representatives of Tecnicil in order to try to settle the dispute out of court, but, given the impossibility of an amicable settlement, we had to follow to arbitration, as imposes the promissory-contract signed between the parties. 
However, despite our commitment, effort and dedication over the years, the truth is that, to date, the ad hoc Arbitral Court’s not yet managed to install. 
There were several procedural difficulties and several dilatory maneuvers triggered by Tecnicil, which made it impossible and continue to render impossible the progress of the case, especially (but not limited to), the issue of the appointment of the arbitrators and the subsequent installation of the arbitral tribunal. 
Notice, that the arbitration process was undertaken and triggered in a "group" system, along with other clients in the same situation. It was the solution found to soften and divide the high costs of arbitration.
Well, in May 2016, we proposed to you and all clients involved in the arbitration, as the legal solution to overcome this impasse, to resort to the Judicial Court of Law to suppress the lack of appointment of arbitrators.
However, despite your prompt reaction, agreeing to the solution presented, the remaining clients, in its vast majority, did not deign to respond or responded negatively.
Therefore, not having the consent and understanding of/between the clients involved in the arbitration, the impasse so far found becomes impossible to overcome.
Therefore, taking into account all of the above stated, the elapsed time so far and the negative position evidenced by the majority of the clients involved in the arbitral proceedings, we have no alternative but to renounce the mandate given to us. 
Thus, under Article 1167º of the Civil Code and Article 43º of the Civil Procedure Code, you are hereby notified that we renounce the power of attorney that has been granted to us, for your legal representation in the arbitral proceedings under consideration
Aware of your best attention and understanding, we present our best compliments. 

Amado & Medina, Solicitors 


Vila Verde is now called Agua Hotels, Sal, Cape Verde and is advertised on all online booking sites.  It is incomplete and has many problems, please do not book, not just because you may not end up with the holiday you wanted, but also to stand up for the British people who have lost all their hard-earned money investing there.

Thank you for taking the time to read and if you need further information, please contact @capeverdescam Direct Mail on Twitter.  We are looking for any advice as the Contonou Agreement between Cape Verde and the EU should of protected us from all of this litigation, but to date they have not intervened and all other parties involved have not been able to get any positive outcome from this matter which has now been going on for 10 years.

Remember British Taxpayers have all contributed to Cape Verde by EU funding with 'special' deal's so it isn't just a matter for the Investors, it is a matter for all British people as a system that has been set up to make global trade, global investment and global exchange easier is obviously not working for British people.  Now i can understand why so many people voted for BREXIT.  We are being robbed and the system is not transparent and although we have paid into it for many years the goal posts are getting continually changed without people being notified of the changes and is now benefitting just about every other country apart from British people and other people from other EU countries.

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