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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Scandal Continues!

The last final plight of investors was to contact ALL MEPs in UK.  All were emailed - every single one!  A couple replied saying local constituency MEPs needed to be contacted, so local MEPs were contacted.  Some advised to take legal advise (after letting them know we had exhausted all legal routes all the way to the Supreme Court), so that was another kick in the teeth.  BUT, the biggest kick in the teeth when I explained the distress this matter had caused was to be told to call the Samaritans!!!!  On the other hand there was a little bit of hope and one MEP advised to contact ECC (European Consumer Centre), but they couldn't help and directed us back to MEPs.  He also told us to contact Your Europe - no help there either and advice was to fill in an online form, which was done, but nothing has been received back.

We were informed that a few MPs last week were visiting Cape Verde so they were contacted requesting them to bring the issue up with the Government directly.  Nothing was replied to.  We contacted Daniel Hannan on many occasions, who was personally given our petition in Brussels, but he has also failed to reply.

THEN last week we were informed that our first petition was rejected on technical issues.  The second (baring in mind we spent months campaigning to gain enough signatures for it to be heard at Government level) yes you won't believe this, it has had it's number removed and just disappeared into thin air.  The only MEP who has come back with a reply to look into this unfortunately can't at the moment as he is in hospital.

I just can't believe we have been sent on this snail trail for 10 years now.  Passed from lawyers, to banks, to courts, to governments and no one is helping us.  We have had all our money taken and had nothing in return and that seems to be fair?  The marketing stated it was bank guaranteed and we would not have any issues as long as we complied to the contractural agreement, which we did.  Tecnicil breached the Agreement and are still causing people so much heartache, stress and to be honest total despair.

We have contacted newspapers, TV and any other possible avenue we can to get help.  It almost pushes you to a point to take the law into your own hands, but being British we are persevering with this matter to be fair and get justice lawfully.

It did make me laugh today though when the prison officers went on strike it only took a matter of hours for The Government to go to the Supreme Court and get an injunction.  The law seems to be set up for the people at the top to be able to do what they want and the people like you and me have no justice at all even when we have tried our best to be hardworking, lawful citizens.  MPs and MEPs need to start listening to people and helping people - we pay their bills, we pay their wages, we pay for them to live so why do they just continually ignore us?  I just don't get it and I can't understand anymore how this world works.

When I was younger in the Thatcher years, it was a good thing to be entrepreneurial and get somewhere in life.  Now it seems austerity is the way to go and if you are entrepreneurial it is a bad thing.  Life is just so confusing and I wish the system would just make up its mind - are we living in a civilised world where justice prevails or should we all just become criminals and make money by ripping people off, selling drugs or working for big corporations who have the law on their side (like The Government), so you get a wage but don't actually feel too good about it?  Please someone let me know as I just want to make an honest living to pay my bills and eat.  Actually, I did make an honest living and had all my life-savings stolen by Tecnicil in Cape Verde endorsed by the EU and no matter what there is just no justice.

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