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Monday, 16 October 2017

EU Delegation to Cape Verde - Meeting with Cape Verdean Government

A letter was written to the EU Delegation to bring our matter up in order for it to be bought to an end.

Well the response was.

Thank you very much for your email.

There is no particular meeting between the EU and Cape Verde coming up with regard to the case of the Vila Verde Resort.

Within the institutional framework of the EU-Cape Verde Special Partnership we do however have a very regular interaction with various government agencies which among the various other priorities of this Special Partnership seeks to help improve the business climate with a view to stimulating economic growth and social development and to reduce poverty.

As you might be aware, the EU Delegation has also facilitated the establishment of an association of European businesses in Cape Verde, which now maintains a regular and constructive dialogue with the government with the aim of improving the overall framework for external investment and the creation of growth and jobs. 

Under the EU Treaties, the EU does not however have competence to promote or defend the interests of individual companies or specific private-interest projects. This remains the prerogative of their respective EU member states. 

Kind regards,

Ulrich Weins
Head of Political Section, Press and Information
EU Delegation to Cape Verde

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