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Monday, 16 October 2017

Foreign AID to Cape Verde and the corrupt EU

Correspondence has now been sent to Department for International Development @DFID_UK, to request that in light of what we have experienced no more money should be sent on behalf of British citizens to Cape Verde.

We do not believe the money helps people in poverty.

The Cape Verde government has been given plenty of opportunity to sort the situation out with regards to Vila Verde, the resort we invested in.  If they had been able to negotiate and come to an agreement, people who are desperately in need of work in Cape Verde would now have jobs working on the resort.

On a personal level, my investment was primarily to make money (obviously), but I chose Cape Verde as it was an African country and I wanted to help lift people out of poverty.  I thought the investment was safe as it was EU endorsed and I thought I was being self-reliant as well as helping others.  The result being even if I have helped anyone in poverty, the investment has left myself and others, maybe not in poverty, but a lot worse of than was promised!

On dealing with the ongoing issue, investors have found Cape Verde to be full of corruption, have highlighted the EU to be also full of corruption and for that reason, I do not believe the British taxpayer should be sold the lie of helping people out of poverty when in fact it is helping rich people get richer!

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