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Monday, 16 October 2017

How the EU has failed us!!

On numerous occasions we have been told by MEPs that because Cape Verde is not within the EU, they cannot help us....... well according to this rule they should be helping us!!!!

As from 10 January 2015, Regulation 44/2001/EC will be replaced by Regulation 1215/2012 on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgements in civil and commercial matters (recast).  Under the new rules, the consumer will be able to sue in the Member State of his domicile the other party to the contract, even if the latter is not domiciled in a EU Member State, but directs its activities to a Member State.

This actually came from the Head of the European Commission in Brussels in a letter to one of our group members stating that our rights are not being adhered to and because the developer cancelled our contracts without refunding our money we are entitled to get our money refunded!

So why then, is not one MEP, not one MP, not one government official in Cape Verde helping us achieve what is rightfully ours?  My guess is they don't want to.  They had the money, they lost the money and now they want to forget the money.  Well that's not right and it's not lawful, as per the regulation above.

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