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Monday, 16 October 2017

Reply to Mr Wiens (EU Delegate to Cape Verde) from a very Disgruntled Cape Verde Investor

I appreciate you hadn't intended to bring this matter up, but I was requesting that you do.

Tecnicil, the property development company that many British people invested with, sold on the basis that it was within EU regulations, we paid in Euros and the contract was in Portuguese law.

If you are trying to negotiate better investment, surely it is in your best interest for people to be selling Cape Verde on their good experiences for you and not disgruntled investors continually down-talking the country for being a risky investment to avoid.

With regards to poverty, that was one of my reasons for investing in Africa and because it had been negotiated within the EU it made it a safer investment, otherwise knowing how corrupt African governments are, I would not of chosen to do so.  In fact I would of avoided at all costs and would now on my experience advise others to avoid at all costs, because even though the country is in partnership with the EU, the EU do not want to help resolve any corruption that happens even after their endorsements.

The legal system has let many people down, the EU has let people down and Cape Verde has let many people down who in good faith tried to help them.  It is such a shame you are happy to see this happen and sit back and allow it to happen to people.

I appreciate your response, but the more we are brushed off, the harder we fight for justice.  We have already made a number of steps forward in our plight and stopped further investors from making the same mistake as we have and also stopped TV producers from marketing Cape Verde on British TV.  We continue to blog, send and write reviews on tourist and property investment sites and many people are now slowly becoming wised up to the fact, that investing in Cape Verde is not a good idea which will not make your job any easier.  I would love to make your job easier and be able to promote Cape Verde for giving me a great investment opportunity and fulfil my dreams at the same time.

May I also add that holiday makers returning with viruses will not help the tourist industry and that is something we are yet to fully investigate and report.  If you do go to Cape Verde be careful what you eat and drink.  I would recommend self-catering, but preferably not in the apartment that I paid for, but never received! It was a one bedroom Penthouse on the Vila Verde resort that maybe you could visit and see how it has been held back by all the legal litigation still going on and how they can't do anything as they have breached contracts and not resolved the problem.

May I also add that I played a very active role in the Brexit vote and continue to do so as I have experienced first hand that globalisation and the EU are playing an active role in advancing the world to benefit global elites and may I also remind you that if you really were trying to help benefit people in poverty in Cape Verde, you would want Vila Verde to be successful as it would provide employment opportunities to the local poor people.

You are getting it all wrong and it is very transparent what is happening.  If you want equality, you cannot steal from some to give to others and not give to the people the investment opportunities were intended to help and keep the money from the people you stole from.  That is extortion and that will be the EU's legacy if you do not start to do things differently.

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